To submit to Gyopo Literary Magazine, please email your essay, short story, poem, or artwork to us at with the subject line: “Gyopo Magazine Submission”, and with your name and age written somewhere in the email. All authors and artists should be high school students, or of high school age. There are no specific content restrictions for submissions, but we do ask that you be respectful and sensitive towards others and avoid using hateful language against any race, religion, sexual identity, or other such group.

The “Korean-American experience” is a phrase thrown around a lot in conversations, media, and stories. But what is it? We want to see what the “Korean-American experience” looks like for you. How do you define “Korean-American,” or how does being Korean-American define you? All submissions should aim to answer any or all of these questions in some way.

If your submission is an essay, short story, or poem:

  • All written pieces have a preferred word limit of 3000 words, but we will consider submissions up to 3,500 words.
  • Works may be submitted with any format and any font, so long as the font is legible. Some pieces may have to be reformatted to fit the magazine layout.
  • Submissions should be in pdf form.

If your submission is a visual art piece:

  • Submissions should be in jpeg form.

Deadline for submissions is September 15, 2023

Creators of all accepted submissions will be entered into a raffle. The winner of the raffle may choose either a 50$ amazon gift card or a donation of the same amount to a project of their choice from